Kingfisher East Bengal FC 2006-2007

Arata made a comeback to professional football in November 2006 when he signed for Kingfisher East Bengal FC, India. He feels it was destiny that got him to India, to his roots. He was very excited, anxious and full of motivation to restart his journey as a professional footballer.

Thronged by fans and escorted by his staff, the welcome at Kolkata airport was warm and memorable.
After playing in Singapore and Japan for a few years, he found it difficult to adjust to the Indian climate, food and most of all, the style in which football was being played. But the love and support from football lovers in Kolkata made the task easy and interesting.

He describes his Kolkata derby experience as one of the most memorable matches of his career. He remembers playing to the applause of a crowd of 80,000-90,000 with supporters cheering for him
and the club.