Albirex Niigata 2005

For the 23 year old Arata, 2005 marked the beginning of an astounding career.
A debut with the Albirex Niigata Football Club was a dream come true.
Playing for this top division club of the Singapore league - his strengths, weaknesses, skills, determination were put to test.
His speed and excellent ball control infused fresh enthusiasm within his fast growing fans and critiques alike. With his explosive burst of pace and rare ability to accelerate with the ball, young Arata was regarded as the fastest player of the S-league.
With 3 goals and several assists and an excellent team work he soon became the favourite football player.
The memories of his first professional goal against the Tampinens Rovers FC are still fresh in his mind. It was early cross from right, cutting into the space between the opponent defenders, chipping the ball over the goalkeeper and making it to the nets.